Frying pan «Classic» with bakelite handle

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SKU: 2007П 2207П 2407П 2607П 2807П

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SKU Diameter, mm Height of workpiece, mm Weight, kg
2007П 200680.73
2207П 220680.73
2407П 240680.9
2607П 260681
2807П 280681.15
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A contemporary design, high reliability and excellent quality of the BIOL frying pans “Classic” will conquer you at first sight! It guarantees European quality at a very attractive price. Due to the high control of production and raw materials, it is environmentally friendly. This frying pan will serve you for many years – it will not break and will keep its shape.

Product type

frying pans

Material of product


Non-stick coating


Colour coating


Material of handles

bakelite, soft-touch

Type of handle


Bottom thickness, mm


Plate type

gas, electric, ceramic

Type of packing



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