Cast iron WOK with glass lid

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SKU Diameter, mm Height of workpiece, mm Volume, l Weight, kg
0526С 2609332.9
0528С 28010043.7
0530С 30010753.95
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TM “BIOL” offers to all fans of Asian kitchen and people who want to safe their time  and who prefer healthy  food  to meet with our cast-iron frying pan WOK with glass lid. But at present you may see WOK pan at European kitchens more often, they choose  it because of its unique parameters presented only for this type of cookware. Cone form  provides that the food fry very quickly because the fire  cover all walls at once. Food are very moist inside and very crisp outside, that allow to keep all vitamines and minerals.

Product type

frying pans

Material of product

cast iron

Non-stick coating


Colour coating


Handle material lid


Material of handles

cast iron

Type of handle


Bottom thickness, mm


Plate type

gas, electric, ceramic, ceramic, induction, oven, halogen

Type of packing


Scratch resistance



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