Frying pan “Titanal” with lid and detachable handle with soft touch coating

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SKU Diameter, mm Height of workpiece, mm Weight, kg
2206ПС 220671.73
2406ПС 240721.96
2606ПС 260772.43
2806ПС 280772.53

Сast aluminum frying pan of TM BIOL TITANAL Line with a removable Soft Touch handle with the unique new generation Greblon C3+ PEEK 3-layer non-stick coating, which is reinforced with super-hard titanium particles. Coating thickness is 80-100 microns.

The special strength of the coating makes it possible to use metal accessories for it.

This frying pan has a thickened bottom and walls, it means that it distributes the heat equally at the frying pan during cooking and also excludes the deformation of the product during intensive heating.

High quality materials, special strength and amazing wear resistance – these are the three main components, that guarantee the durability of this frying pan.

The warranty period provided is 5 years from the date of sale for the cast body of the frying pan.

Product type

frying pans

Material of product


Non-stick coating

Yes, Greblon C3+ PEEK

Colour coating


Material of handles

bakelite, soft-touch

Type of handle


Plate type

gas, electric, ceramic

Bottom thickness, mm



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