Grill pan with detachable handle

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2614П 260x260511.28
2814П 280x280511.39
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To cook a juicy steak with perfect red stripes — no need to light a fire under the balcony, to listen to complaints of neighbors or to wait for the next picnic. The company “BIOL” prepared a pleasant surprise for true enthusiasts of roasted meat and fish: now aluminum grill-pan with non-stick coating is purchased. With such a helpmate fish fillets or meat loin will become a festive dinner for the whole family at your kitchen in a matter of minutes.

Product type

frying pans

Material of product


Non-stick coating


Colour coating


Material of handles

bakelite, soft-touch

Type of handle


Bottom thickness, mm


Plate type

gas, electric, ceramic

Type of packing



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