Cast aluminum saute pan with flat bottom with lid



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SKU: A264 A284 A304 A323 A363


SKU Diameter, mm Diameter of bottom, mm Height of workpiece, mm Weight, kg
A264 260175751.13
A284 280195751.14
A304 300205841.22
A323 320210901.4
A363 360245851.8
SKU: n/a. Category: .

Deep frying pan TM “BIOL” from aluminum has a flat bottom, on the surface of which there are no pores and roughnesses. Food in such pans never burns and does not stick to the bottom. An aluminum casting frying pan with two aluminum handles and a 300 mm lid is made of food aluminum, which has a high thermal conductivity.

Product type

deep frying pan

Material of product


Non-stick coating


Colour coating


Material of handles


Type of handle


Bottom thickness, mm

3.5, 3.7, 4

Plate type

gas, electric, ceramic

Type of packing


Scratch resistance



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