Kazan with 2 or 4 handles and lid

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SKU: К0200 К0400 К0600 К0700 К0800 К1000 К1200 К1500 К2000 К2500 К3000 К4000 К5000 К6000 К7000

алюминий значки англ

SKU Diameter, mm Height with lid in mm Volume, l Weight, kg
К0200 20013820.65
К0400 24015641.09
К0600 26020561.4
К0700 28020371.43
К0800 30020581.6
К1000 320226101.9
К1200 320255122.8
К1500 360275153.15
К2000 400274203.9
К2500 450287253.9
К3000 450327304.6
К4000 500372407.13
К5000 580337508.12
К6000 580407607.9
К7000 580452709.9
SKU: n/a. Category: .

Aluminum kazan Biol is a necessary purchase for preparing a variety of food not only on the stove, but also on the fire. The thickened bottom provides an even distribution of heat inside the product, which reduces the cooking time of the products and allows using the energy (gas, electricity) more economically.

Product type


Material of product


Non-stick coating


Colour coating


Material of handles


Type of handle


Bottom thickness, mm

2.4, 4.5, 4, 3.5, 3, 2.7, 2.5

Plate type

gas, electric, ceramic

Type of packing


Scratch resistance



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