TM BIOL, Time-proved quality



     The history of Biol company was started in November, 1999. The first melt of aluminium was carried out at production facility that located in small Ukranian city – Melitopol –  and in short time frying pans with Biol marking appeared at the market.


     No wonder that this industry was choosen by owners. At that time the deficite of high-quality kitchen utensils with reasonable price  were felt both in independent Ukraine and CIS countries.


  Entered into market quickly the company started to widen the range of products.   Very soon frying pand with different diameters and depth, casseroles, roasting pans, roasters, kazans  were offered for sale. In 2003 mistress of all  former Soviet union could cook with non-stick cookware made in Ukraine. They held out for quality to famous world brands. Biol company -  a single company in Ukraine - enters into market cookware with ceramic coating: quality, ecological, stylish. And also in 2013 the first cast-iron frying pans, kazans, casseroles went for sale. Mistress will hand down these utensils  from generation to generation.




Quality above all thing



     One of the main advantages of Biol's products is high quality. Ecologically clean raw materials for melting , first-grade advanced technologies, control of each manufacturing step  are  guaranties that company provides.


     In the manufacturing of cookware  BIOL uses  aluminium alloys  and cast-iron of grades that allowed for food industry. Each lot of raw materials has certificates that confirm composition and quality,  and before curing in an oven raw materials pass trough spectrum analyse for defination of their chemical composition.  It means that high quality will be received.


     At manufacturing process Biol company uses two casting methods - die-casting and permфnent-mold casting. Each of method has own andantage. «Die-casting» is more budget method. It allows to fix minimal price  without reducing of quality. The cookware produced using die-casting method are long-lasting, durable, mechanical resistant.


     Permanent-mold casting lets to produce cookware with thick walls and bottom. Thanks to this advanced production method  each item has perfect surface.


     Regardless of manufacturing method  before  entrance in the sale each lot passes through detailed checkout in certified lab BIOL . 12-point test program can not allow any defects, as a result the consumer will receive quality goods with manufacturing warranty.





     Significantly widened the assortment technologist of Biol thought how satisfy increasing demands of all classes of consumers. Then the issue of necessity to output cast cookware with non-stick coatings, and after that with ceramic coatings to correspond the time. Biol company was the first   company of former Soviet Union , who ventured upon this step and stable took up  this niche. At present Biol is a single trade mark that outputs aluminium cookware with different coatings in Ukraine, and is among the forth bigest makers of CIS countries,  saturating with high quality products both domestic and  near-abroad market.


     It is common knowledge that at present lots of Companies manufacture non-stick coatings, but worldwide acceptance and famous have only some of them: Weilburger Coatings GmbH, Whitford Srl, DuPont. Biol Company entered into cooperation precisely with leader -  Weilburger Coatings GmbH (Germany), concluded key contract in 2003. At this the mean is only  about coating of new  generation which does not content carcinogen  (perfluorooctanoic acid - PFOA).


     In 2011 company signed the contract with Weilburger Coatings GmbH for delivery  ceramic coating -  GREBLON CERAM, produced using advanced german technology. As a result ecologically clean, durable,esthetically attractive coatings was started covering to popular and  time-proved products of TM Biol.


     At this stage of production company widens the range of products with cast-iron cookware  and at the nearest future durable and long-lasting cast-iron cookware with different types of cast-iron cookware will be entered into market.







      Formula for success of Biol LLC is  basical approach to the matter. There are no little things during production.


    Having learnt  permanent-mold casting, Biol company launched into market  cookware with thick walls and bottom. Due to this feature cookware heat equalized  that good affect to cooking process.


     Another advantage of cookware TM Biol is bottom turning of aluminium utensils. It allows to increase the level of heat conductivity and heat exchange in five times. As a result this frying pan is heat quickly in many times.


     Accessories are not less important thing. Biol company offer Goods with monolithic and removable handles made of metal,  wood  and phenolic moulding compounds. At this since 2013 bakelite accessories were being covered with Soft Touch - elastic and  smooth to the touch. Lids can be also matched according to your favour : aluminium, cast-iron or borosilicate glass produced by Kavalierglass A.S. (Czech Republic).



     Due to all these details  and also responsible approach to favorite matter Biol company was made a leader in its industry. A plenty of rewards of participation in Exhibitions with international importance , quality certificates confirm this fact. But, the main index of success – is consumer demand. The cookware of  TM Biol are sold in all main supermarkets of Ukraine and CIS countries, are distributes via Internet-shop and retail shop. Biol logotype is known, experts and billion of mistress belive in product quality. The Biol Hystory is  16 years.  The hystory of consistent high quality!