In1999 BIOL LLC started the production of cast cookware in Melitopol sity Zaporozhye region. Numbers of personnel were 9 persons. Because this staff consists of like-minded persons in March 2000 the putting into operation of production lines were carried out. Since that moment the stable company establishing at cookware market was started.

For some years our company took important place at this market.

By means of own profit that was invested into production facilities in 2003 new Italian coating line NOVAK was bought and put into operation. BIOL company became the first and at present the single company in Ukraine that produced cookware with non-stick coating in Ukraine.

Since that moment the range of products was widened with high quantity of lines of frying pans, casseroles, rosters.


BIOL company uses only high-quality coatings of well-known  brands for applying on utensil such way we guaranty perfect quality  and ecological properties of our products.

Going ahead and following trends at the cookware market, in 2010 company commercialized cast aluminum cookware with ceramic coating. Applying of ceramic coating without PTFE (polytetrafluorethylene) produced by German manufacturer  our Company met the  customers’ requirements concerning the production of ecologically clean utensil.

In 2012  we started the  production of cast casseroles with ceramic coating.

Also in 2012 the production of cast-iron cookware under TM BIOL  was started.

As of 2013 number of personnel was 330 person.

The range of products consists of more over than 300 articles such as frying pans, deep pans, casseroles, rosters, kazans, WOKs etc.

 At present the Company has own permanent-mold and die-casting foundries, cast-iron foundry, spraying department, where the applying of non-stick and ceramic coatings are carried out,  accessory department, engineering and technical office,  quality lab.

The concentration of production facilities, material and personal sources at one territory allow to use all main production elements such as  equipment, raw materials, labour power more effectively and efficiently – on this base to increase the productivity and reduce the prime cost of products.

Within decade  successful operation of BIOL LLC created the unblemished reputation as  reliable and prosperous company that constantly develops  and modernizes. Annually our company puts in full operation new articles, which allow always being actual and be in demand with consumers. Enormous sales turnover of the Company allows taking assortment matrix in reasonable price segment.

The main goal  is the saturation of markets of Ukraine, CIS countries and Europe with high-quality and ecologically clean cookware.